Sunday, March 7, 2010

Terrible Two's

Don't get me wrong I love my son, and he's usually pretty easy going, but the last few months have been a mental challenge for me. It seems the terrible two's have set in. One minute he's happy go lucky the next it's a fit over absolutely nothing. All out throw yourself on the floor and cry about it. I know your just suppose to walk away and ignore them, but there comes a time when it's just plain annoying. I find myself gritting my teeth a lot trying to bare with him through this phase, but some days I just lose my patience with him. I'm sure it would be easier if I had a partner in raising him, but as of right now there is no one.
Quite frankly I'm not so sure I want some one right now. Life seems easier just me and my son. I don't have to worry about what someone else is doing or thinking or even telling me what I should do. This way I get to raise my son the way I want to. It does however break my heart that he doesn't have a dad. Kids need that male role model in their life. I am forever grateful for all of the male friends I have in my life, for some reason I have always gotten along better with the guys. Woman are just too much sometimes, I have one friend you can say one thing and she totally takes it completely the wrong way. Which then leads to some crazy argument for no reason.
     My in laws or ex in law whatever you wanna call them. They hardly ever see my son and when they do it's me taking him to them. Being there only grandchild you would think they would have a little more to do with him. You lose your son, you would want to hang on to any piece of him that you could, and they are lucky enough to have a grandson from him. I can't remember the last time they came to my house to see my son, and now he's at the age where he kinda knows who they are, only because I spent almost a week with them when my son's great grandpa was dieing, thinking he might help ease the pain. So now he asks to go see them quite a bit, but I don't think I should be the only one making the effort. I probably take him to see them about once a month, and they never come see him.
    There's gonna come a day when my son wants to know about his dad and there family and I can only tell him so much. I kinda need help with that from them, I wish they would understand that. Oh well what is a mother to do but worry about her son's future and his well being. Maybe one of these days they will all turn around, but in til then I'm sure I will keep worrying about this problem.


  1. Hey, I think your son is adorable. Hang in there with the "terrible two's" thing. I'm sorry your in-laws aren't the grandparents that you hoped for your son to have. Kids deserve better!


  2. Haha Terrible twos. yes aren't they wonderful? Something that i do with my daughter when i'm at the end of my rope and just can't take another minute of her selfish moment, i tell her "you go to your room right now, when your done crying then you come talk to me, but don't come out of your room until your done." she goes and sits in her room until she is done and then she comes out and we "talk" to find out what the problem is. this works for me it might or might not work for you but hey it's worth a shot right?

    Your inlaws. In a way i know how you feel there girl. My husband is their only child he was adopted by them. I have their only two grand babies and they NEVER come here to see the kids, and the best part they live about 15 minutes from me, i have refused to do all the work, its just not right. Have you talked to the inlaws to see if they might want to come see you instead of you going to see them? maybe being very blunt is the only way with them. :) I hope things get better your son is sooo cute. which means he's big trouble lol Good Luck

  3. I just noticed that you commented on one of my posts a few weeks back. Sorry I didn't notice. Thanks for visiting, you gotta lot going on young lady.
    You look familiar...:-)

  4. Following you from BBC. I've started a weekly blogpost on my blog about the Terrible/Terrific 2's...check out this week's Terrible 2's-day at