Friday, February 19, 2010

A day in the life

Do the challenges ever end? I don't think so. Last night was one of those nights, a battle at bed time with my son, he didn't wanna take a bath finally got him in the tub screaming the whole time, I just try to laugh it off. Then comes pajama time with more endless screaming as I'm still trying to just laugh it off. He calms down I get him into bed them comes another fit cause he wanted to climb into bed by himself I guess, so then we do that. Finally get him to lay down and think all is good then he just starts screaming, by this time I just told him good night and I'll see you in the morning, soon he falls asleep.

Next up I'm relaxing watching the Olympics, getting ready to retire for the evening, the dogs wanna go outside, so I let them out. I let them back in and my Marley comes in with blood dripping all over the floor, he has ripped his toenail off, on the ice I assume. I stay calm at first get the nail trimmed off, get it cleaned up, everything I tried to wrap around it comes off, and every time he lick it blood would start spraying all over. About 45 minutes go by and I'm trying everything, what in the world do I do. I call one friend no answer, then I call another, he comes right over telling me it's looks alright, yeah it did tell he saw the blood shooting everywhere. Finally he takes him to the emergency vet for me. They took care of it with a bill of $220. UGH.
So this morning we get up I don't know if the poor dog slept or not with his cone and all. He's just terrified with that cone on his head, then his bandage comes off to. So far it's bleeding a little, gotta get to the store for supplies to wrap my poor dogs foot. Hope this works, and hoping for a better day today.

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